Weather resistant, tear resistant and fraud resistant.

Here at Gold Coast, we take great pride in creating lift tickets with a quality of design equally matched by durability and security. No doubt that comes from our history of perfecting the more difficult trade of printing fine wine labels, some of which will last 50 years or more. So a weekend of skiing? We’ve got that covered.

You want the hottest lift tickets? Silk screen tactile varnishes, metallic and nacreous inks, sequential numbering and barcoding, inline and offline hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing, as well as cold, water and fraud resistant. All designed to look classy enough to be a wine label, tough enough to be a lift ticket. Now that’s hot.

What we can do for you:

Lift tickets

• Tag Style, Sticky Style and Voucher Style
• Stronger, better lift ticket that won't crack, peel or tear

Special Security and Decorative Features

• Hot Stamping and Embossing
• Sequential Numbering
• Variable Data
• Special Varnishes


• Wire Wickets
• Avery Brand Plastic Ties

Creative Services

• Trail Maps
• Resort Brochures
• Ticket Design
• Website Design
• Branding & Advertising

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